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Detailed information about exchange rates
  Analysis of Turkish Liras from 01-03-2005 to 11-29-2020 Currency code: TRY Country: Turkey Records: 4070  
Graphical overview and performance of Turkish Liras showing the currency rate to the Euro from 01-03-2005 to 11-29-2020
Performance Turkish Liras to the Euro

Current value: 9.32860   Last update: 2020-11-27   1 TRY: 0.11 Euro   Country code: TR   Country flag: Flag from Turkey

High and low, best and worst performance

Best performance: 1.55500 on date: 2006-03-02   Worst performance: 10.14890 on date: 2020-11-06

Currency status summary

In other words, on 2006-03-02 one Euro was 1.55500 Turkish Liras, the worst performance was on 2020-11-06 you could get 10.14890 Turkish Liras for one Euro.

The average currency rate of the Turkish Liras over the last 2 months was 9.39965 to 1 Euro, that is a difference of 0.76% to the current value, so it is gaining value to the Euro, or in simple words: the Turkish Liras is getting more expensive as you can see in the last month graph below.

Turkish Liras last month
Turkish Liras graphical overview  over the last month
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