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Aircraft Codes, Airport Codes, Airline Codes, IATA ICAO, Ticket, Equipment Codes
Our Business is your Business IATA International Air Transport Association
Online IATA and ICAO Code Databases code lookup on Airport, Aircraft and Airlines Airport code database, Airline code database, Aircraft code database.
what is the ticket code of this airline or carrier?
Click here for to access our airline IATA code database of airlines Airline names and IATA codes Click here to search for specific Airlines and their IATA ticketing or Carrier codes, our database contains more then 1200 Airlines of the world. You can search for IATA codes or Airlines or enter keywords.  
what is the airport code of Amsterdam Schiphol, London Heathrow, Frankfurt
The Airport city, IATA code, and country database Airport names and IATA codes Click here to search for Airport names, cities and Airport IATA codes, we have more then 9000 Worldwide Airports in our database. You can search for the specific Airport IATA or ticket code, the Airport name or city.  
What is the plane with the code B731 731 B732 732 B733 733 B734 734 B735 735 B736 736 B738 738 B739 739 B737 73G B738 73H B732 73M B737 73W B732 73X B733 73Y Identification
Shows the aircraft equipment code of your ticket, airplane model, size, seats, capacity and manufacturer, country of production Aircraft Equipment Codes Click here to search for the aircraft IATA code or ICAO code. We have the most common used aircrafts in our database, you can view the number of seats, the model, the manufacturer and link for very detailed Airplane Information and Identification.  
What is does the IATA code mean? What does ICAO mean?
Airlines and airplanes coding systems
Airways International Air Transportation board, International Civil Aviation Association