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Goodbye, Rosetta! Spacecraft Crash-Lands on Comet in Epic Mission Finale
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 11:55:47 GMT
News image: goodbye, rosetta! spacecraft crash-lands on comet in epic mission finale
DARMSTADT, Germany — For the last two years, the Rosetta spacecraft has danced around a comet. Today, it finally made contact with the icy body — and sent its last signal. This screenshot from ESA's broadcast of the Rosetta spacecraft's crash on ...
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Trump Foundation lacks the certification required for charities that solicit money
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 00:35:50 GMT
News image: trump foundation lacks the certification required for charities that solicit money
Washington Post
Donald Trump's charitable foundation — which has been sustained for years by donors outside the Trump family — has never obtained the certification that New York requires before charities can solicit money from the public, according to the state ...
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Cryan Defends Deutsche Bank as Some Clients Reduce Exposure
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 12:53:00 GMT
News image: cryan defends deutsche bank as some clients reduce exposure
Deutsche Bank AG Chief Executive Officer John Cryan rushed to shore up confidence in his beleaguered lender after concern some clients are reducing exposure to the company pushed the shares to record lows. The bank's balance sheet is safer than at any ...
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The men in Trumps boys club
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 11:02:11 GMT
News image: the men in trumps boys club
(CNN) Days after patting himself on the back for not invoking them on a debate stage, Donald Trump and his campaign are attempting to use Bill Clinton's sex scandals to cast a shadow on Hillary Clinton. For any candidate trailing by around 20 points ...
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Shimon Peres Funeral Brings Together Allies and Rivals in Mourning
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 07:10:43 GMT
News image: shimon peres funeral brings together allies and rivals in mourning
New York Times
JERUSALEM — From across the ocean and across the Green Line, they came on Friday to the mountaintop sanctuary of Mount Herzl to bid farewell to Shimon Peres, who did as much as anyone to build modern Israel and then became its leading advocate of ...
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Syrian army, rebels wage fierce battles in Aleppo
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 12:51:00 GMT
News image: syrian army, rebels wage fierce battles in aleppo
A boy walks amid damaged buildings in the rebel held area of al-Kalaseh neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria, September 29, 2016. REUTERS/Abdalrhman Ismail. 12/12. left. right. Children play with water from a burst water pipe at a site hit yesterday by an ...
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Philippines President likens himself to Hitler
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 08:04:39 GMT
News image: philippines president likens himself to hitler
(CNN) When comparing yourself to world leaders or historical figures, there are perhaps less controversial choices than Adolf Hitler. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday likened himself to the Nazi leader, saying he wants to kill millions ...
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HORROR in Hoboken as train crashes at terminal -- FULOPs overreach -- CHRISTIE considered for Trump debate prep
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 11:21:13 GMT
News image: horror in hoboken as train crashes at terminal -- fulops overreach -- christie considered for trump debate prep
By Matt Friedman (; @mattfriedmannj). Good Friday morning. Story Continued Below. QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Everyone was trying to figure out what happened ... there was a lot of dust and screaming and crying … Screams of shock.
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Pakistan Rejects Indias Claims About Militant Strikes Completely
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 12:32:30 GMT
News image: pakistan rejects indias claims about militant strikes completely
ISLAMABAD — Pakistan "completely" rejected India's claim about sending troops across the border to target suspected militants, insisting Friday its neighbor had fired from its side of the frontier. The announcement from India on Thursday about ...
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US election 2016: Trump accused of Cuba embargo breach
Thu, 29 Sep 2016 21:26:57 GMT
News image: us election 2016: trump accused of cuba embargo breach
BBC News
Hillary Clinton says presidential rival Donald Trump appears to have violated US laws, after a report said he broke a trade embargo with Cuba. Newsweek reports that Mr Trump's company secretly conducted business in Cuba, violating the US trade embargo ...
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