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Old Euro Currency Calculator money exchange calculator, money Old Euro Rates exchange rates, Euro Currency Converter, Online Old Euro Money Euro Currency Exchange
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World Trading Euro Converter Old Euro Currency Exchange Rates World Trading Euro Converter to and from old European currency.
Old European country currency rates from before 1 january 2009.
EuroEuropian Community the Euro standardEUR Irish PoundIreland the Irish Pound was replaced by the Euro in 2002IEP
Italian LireItaly, The Italian lire was replaced by the euro in 2002ITL Greek DrachmeGreece, Greek Drachme was replaced by the euro in 2002GRD
Portuguese EscudoPortugal replaced the Portugese Esccuso with the Euro in 2002PTE Spanisch PesetaSpain replaced the Spanish Peseta with the Euro in 2002ESP
Belgian FrancBelgium replaced the Franc with the Euro in 2002BEF Luxemburg FrancLuxemburg replaced the Franc with the Euro in 2002LUF
Austrian ShillingAustria replaced the shilling with the Euro in 2002ATS French FrancFrance replaced the French Franc with the Euro in 2002FRF
Finnish MarkkaFinland replaced the Markka with the Euro in 2002FIM Dutch GuilderThe Netherlands replaced the Dutch Guilder with the Euro in 2002NLG
German MarkGermany replaced the Deutsch Mark with the Euro in 2002DEM Cyprus PoundCyprus exchanged from the Cyprus pound into the Euro in 2008CYP
Maltese liraMalta exchanged the Maltese Lira to the Euro in 2008MLT Slovenian TolarSlovenia exchanged the Slovanian Tolar to the Euro in 2007SIT
Slovak KorunaSlovakia the Slovak Koruna changed to the Euro in 2009SKK

Type the currency amount in the box beside the currency you want to convert FROM.
Then click 'Convert' to see the equivalent in the other 16 currencies.
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Old European Currency Converter,convert From Euro to Austrian Shilling, from Euro to Spanisch Peseta from Irish Pound to Belgian Franc, from Italian Lire to Euro