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Converter from Roman to Arabic
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Roman Time Format from to Arabic format Roman converting translating years, months, days Roman Dates Roman Time Format to Arabic date format decimal year to Roman format
The ancient Romans counted their numbers using letters! The numbers that we use are called Arabic numbers, as the Europeans learnt them from the Arabs, although they were invented in India. The Romans had a very different system of numbering. They didn't have the number 0 (zero), or negative numbers, or fractions. In fact, in their first numbering system they only had integer numbers between 1 and 3999 inclusive. No other numbers were ever needed. Convert the Decimal Date format to the Roman Date format or viceversa.
Click numbers or numerals for both or type number or numerals and "convert".
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Roman Dates Time in the Roman Empire Date format calculator
Convert our date to the Roman date format date and time to Roman MXMX